Accessing the portal from mobile devices Accessing the portal from mobile devices


Please look over the information on this page if you are trying to access the MSU Portal from a mobile device (phone / tablet).

There are two ways you might be trying to access the portal by mobile device (1) Mobile Website (2) Mobile Portal App - please read on.

Mobile Website
MSU is currently using a product called myCampus 7.1. In the first week of March 2015 we will be updated to version 7.2. The new version features a RESPONSIVE design. This means that the portal pages will adapt automatically to fit your smaller screen. Unfortunately, until that time you are dealing with a slightly broken mobile theme. We have requested to have the mobile theme TURNED OFF since it is not fully functional. In the meantime, please follow the instructions presented to the right which show you how to get past the broken mobile theme on your mobile device. We apologize for the inconvenicne and are looking forward to March when this will be resolved.

Mobile App
Some of you have downloaded the myMWSU Portal App for your phone. This is a BETA product and is not currently being advertised. Due to security issues we have not fully enabled the app. As such, if you download it you WILL be able to access some features (such as the maps) - however, you will not be able to access class information, schedules, etc. When this app is fully supported we will start advertising it on the portal homepage.


you probably don't need the steps below anymore... you probably don't need the steps below anymore...


UPDATE - as of January 16, 2015 you no longer need to follow the steps below. Your mobile device should automatically take you to the desktop view of the portal (not the mobile icon page that was broken).

If you DO still see the old mobile version you can use the steps below or try rebooting your phone to clear out the cached information.

iPhone / iPod Instructions iPhone / iPod Instructions


Instructions below are for Apple Safari on mobile device (ipod touch, iPhone)
Open your mobile browser and type in web address You will see screen 1. DO NOT LOG IN YET. Touch the web address and you will see screen 2. Touch and drag down in the gray area below the website icons to expose the menu (see highlight in screen 2). Click "Request Desktop Site" option as show in screen 3. You will be taken back to screen 1. You just need to refresh the page now. Tap the web address again and click GO to reload the page. You should now be looking at screen 4. You can login here and access the portal just as you would on your desktop.

Android Instructions Android Instructions


Instructions for Android Users
Open your web browser on your phone and enter web address Tap your menu icon (bottom left on most phones) to bring up menu options. Select "Request Desktop Site." You may need to re-enter the web address again to get it to refresh and load the desktop view.

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